Shot Glass – 1.5 oz Frosted Glass for Sublimation

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  • 1.5 oz Shot Glass with white frosted finish
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  • Convection Oven temperature: 360ºF / Time: 10 mins
  • Tape imaged sublimation paper onto outside of shot glass
  • Place & center shot glass inside the shrink wrap.
  • Use a heat gun on a low setting to shrink the wrap to the contour of the glass beginning with the side away from the transfer first.
  • Leave the top and bottom of the shrink wrap open.
  • Once the time is done, peel the shrink sleeve with the sublimation paper immediately.
  • Do not dunk in water.
  • Cool on a clean surface
  • Note: The clear glass portion of the shot glass may sublimate during the heating process. To avoid your image transferring onto the clear part, keep your image placed directly within the white imaging patch or using thermal tape mask the clear area.

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