Zippo Style Sublimation Lighter – White Finish

$12.00 CAD

  • Measures 3.5 CM x 3.7 CM (1.38″ x 1.47″)
  • White sublimation finish

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  • Temperature: 390ºF / Time: 30-40 seconds / Pressure: light-medium
  • Place teflon sheet or protective paper on press
  • Remove lighter mechanism from inside outer shell
  • Place transfer face down onto lighter shell, tape into position
  • To help prevent the shell shifting (causes image ghosting) or misshaping, put a heat resistant  block or folded mat inside the shell to keep it level and steady
  • Cover with teflon sheet or protective paper
  • Press at 390ºF for 30-40 seconds using light-medium pressure.  Be carefully not to use too much pressure as you can crush or misshape the shell
  • Remove teflon sheet/protective paper etc, then remove transfer
  • Cool on a clean surface